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The Midwest’s Leading Siding Manufacturer Since 1982

Continental Manufacturing Stands Out From All Other Siding Manufacturers

Bring true beauty and protection to your home with a siding system from Continental Manufacturing. Our siding stands out from the rest because of our stringent engineering standards and patented products.

Family-Owned and Industry-Experienced

Continental Manufacturing is a family-owned and -operated company that likes to do things a bit differently. For us, innovation is a key component of our business and, to that end, we have patented many different products designed to help our siding look and function beautifully for decades. Based in Independence, Missouri, and serving homeowners throughout the Midwest, we’re the siding manufacturer that the locals trust.

A Well-Earned Stellar Reputation

Our products feature some bold claims, for sure, but we stand behind them completely. And we can verify these claims are accurate because they are regularly evaluated by a nationally known and respected testing laboratory a few times a year. That’s why we feel confident in backing our siding with limited lifetime warranties, and Continental Manufacturing has been around long enough to honor these warranties. Our reputation for excellence isn’t one we earned by chance—it’s due to our commitment to innovation and top-quality engineering.

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Our Way vs Theirs

See How We Stack UP

Our Way

Our siding is manufactured right here in the Midwest.

Many competing companies manufacture overseas or in Canada.


All of our installers are trained to meet our rigorous standards.

Others often use unreliable installers who are untrained in the industry.


The products we offer can be made to suit the unique look of your home.

Others utilize pre-made products that may not be a perfect match.

Our Warranty

We back our work with lifetime warranties and have been around long enough to honor them.

Other companies don’t offer any sort of guarantee for their work.

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Warranty Protection

Continental Manufacturing is proud to offer an outstanding product warranty that states that our siding will look and perform as intended for a lifetime. You can feel secure in your investment knowing that, should anything should go wrong down the road, we’ll be back to make it right.


Installation Service

Continental Manufacturing engineers the impressive Continental Polymer Wall System®, which combines the strength of our polymer siding with our patented Perma-Strate® or Shure-Strate® attaching system. These attaching systems ensure error-free installations and siding that will last a lifetime.

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Made Local. Made Right.

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