Top-Tier Insulated Siding That Will Increase the Thermal Efficiency of Your Home

Insulated siding is a premium choice for homes in the Midwest, adding a layer of protection from the elements. At Continental Siding, we back all of our siding with form-fitted insulation to ensure excellent energy efficiency and more comfortable homes.

Insulated Siding Can Instantly Enhance Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

If your siding isn’t up to par, it’s affecting your home more than you think. It’s not only diminishing your home’s curb appeal but also limiting how energy efficient your home is. That’s why you should turn to Continental Siding for insulated siding that will improve your home’s energy efficiency while also upgrading its look in a significant way. Our siding is truly the best on the market and a permanent solution for your home.

At Continental Siding, all of our siding features a layer of insulation that forms a protective barrier around homes, helping to limit thermal transfer and improve energy efficiency. This insulation layer will allow you to more easily enjoy a comfortable home environment with less work required from your HVAC unit. That means warmer homes in the winter and cooler homes in the summer—but without the massive energy bills you may be used to seeing. Our insulation is also specially formulated with a chemical that deters termites and rodents. What’s more, it provides extra impact resistance to keep your siding looking like new for decades.

Why Choose Continental Manufacturing?

Continental Manufacturing has been a leading provider of insulated siding in the Midwest since 1982. Our team takes great pride in engineering long-lasting products that truly stand out from anything else on the market today. That’s why we proudly back our insulated siding with a limited lifetime warranty. We’re so confident in our siding’s durability, we can confidently offer such an ironclad guarantee.

If you’re ready to find out more about the benefits of having insulated siding installed at your residence, contact Continental Manufacturing today. We’ll put you in touch with a dealer near you.

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