Put the Perfect Finishing Touches on Your Home’s Exterior With Our Siding Accessories

Become a Certified Installation Professional Des Moines IAAt Continental Manufacturing, we understand that your home’s exterior is composed of more than just flat surfaces. It’s a complex mix of corners, angles, nooks, and overhangs. While our polymer and vinyl sidings provide the broad strokes that cover the expansive parts of outer walls, they are only one part of the re-siding process. In order for your home to be fully protected from the elements and achieve that polished and impeccably thought-out look that takes curb appeal to the next level, the exterior must have the right finishing touches. And that’s where our siding accessories come into play.

Because Details Matter

Continental Manufacturing offers a variety of exceptional siding accessories that provide the same durability, ease of maintenance, and beauty as our primary siding lines, including:

  • Soffits – These panels are fitted below overhangs along the roofline and provide ventilation for your attic while protecting it from pest infiltration. We offer solid, vented, and beaded options.
  • Corners – There are many types of siding trim. Corners are the pieces that cover the meeting between two walls. They offer an additional layer of protection to stave off leaks and prevent the panels beneath from separating.
  • J-channels – This type of trim is used around doors and windows, as well as on inside corners where the siding meets the soffit or roof at an angle.
  • Undersill – Undersill is a finishing trim used to hold the top row of siding in place near the roofline or under the windows.
  • H-Mold – Siding is installed with small gaps where the boards meet to allow for future expansion. H-mold trim covers those seams to create a smooth look from end to end.

When all of these components are fitted properly, it creates an exterior that is the epitome of elegance. All of our siding accessories are available in a wide variety of colors, so you’ll be able to fine-tune the look of your home to make the sort of visual statement that attracts admiring glances from neighbors and passersby alike.

To learn more about our accessories as well as our polymer and vinyl sidings, reach out to Continental Manufacturing today. We’ll also be happy to help you find a Certified Installation Professional near you that offers all of our first-rate products.

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