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Suit the Needs of Your Customers With Our Exclusive, Patented Wall System

Our Continental Polymer Wall System features seamless, heavy-duty polymer siding that offers triple the strength of vinyl siding. It’s also backed with form-fitting insulation and installed using our patented attaching system to ensure that our siding will stay straight and hold up to the elements for a lifetime.

High-Quality Siding That Stands Up to the Elements

Our polymer siding isn’t like anything else on the market, offering top-notch durability and unparalleled impact resistance. Plus, it comes in a wide range of colorful hues that are resistant to fading and is completely seamless, so it’s sure to impress all of your customers.

Rustic and Long-Lasting Siding That Will Wow Your Customers

If you have customers who love the rich, rustic look of wood siding, but aren’t keen on its high maintenance requirements, you’ll be glad to offer them a solution: PVC siding. Our PVC siding is low maintenance, energy efficient, and durable enough to last for decades.

Enhance the Energy Efficiency of Your Customers’ Homes

Adding an underlayment of insulation to our siding was a wise choice for many reasons. It can enhance a home’s energy efficiency, eliminate moisture infiltration, and add an extra layer of impact resistance. Our insulation is also infused with a chemical that deters termites and rodents.

Additional Accessories That Your Customers Will Love

No siding project is complete without the perfect siding accessories. At Continental Manufacturing, we offer a wide range of accessories to finish the look wonderfully. Your customers can choose from soffits in many styles, inside and outside corner trim, J-Channel, H-Mull, undersill trim, and more.


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"The only reason a quality installer would use another siding product is because they don't know about ours yet."
Denny Caylor, 30 year installer/project manager

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"Some siding installers do a really great job even though they are using poor quality products. Just imagine how much better they could do with a product that's as good as they are."
Ivan Briceno, 30 year installer/installation trainer

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We manufacture all components of our patented Continental Polymer Wall System™ right here in the Midwest. We will never move our manufacturing facilities overseas.



Locally made. Nationally recognized.

Our product was featured on Season 3, Episode 5 of "Bargain Mansions", on HGTV. One of our Certified Installation Professionals, was chosen as the world's greatest siding company on Season 13, Episode 280 of the "World's Greatest" TV show on ION TV.

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