How Many Years Does Siding Last?

Oct 04, 2022

Large luxury house with sidingSiding replacement is a major investment. After all, siding is designed not only to beautify the exterior of a home but also to protect it from the elements. For your siding investment to pay off, you want to choose siding that can last a long time. While the life span of your siding depends on a number of factors, including your region’s climate and how well the siding has been maintained, the material it’s made of plays a huge role in longevity. Among the most popular home siding materials here in the Midwest are wood, vinyl, and polymer. Let’s compare them to determine which offers value-conscious homeowners the best bang for their buck.

Wood Siding

Wood siding can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years, but this lifespan comes at a cost, as wood requires heavy maintenance.

Vinyl Siding

Highly resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, vinyl siding typically lasts between 20 and 40 years with proper maintenance. Not only can vinyl siding look like real wood, but it’s also much less expensive and easier to work with.

Polymer Siding

Made of durable polypropylene resin, a type of artificial polymer produced in a way similar to vinyl, polymer siding is more resistant to impact and the elements than both wood siding and vinyl siding. With proper maintenance, polymer siding can last as long as 50 years.

Our Dealers Install Premium Polymer Siding

At Continental Manufacturing, we believe that a good investment should reward you by meeting meet all your aesthetic preferences and functionality needs without costing a fortune. To that end, Continental Manufacturing makes polymer siding. Our siding offers the ideal combination of strength, durability, and energy efficiency, and is completely customizable, so you can design it according to your taste. If you would like more information, contact us today. We would be happy to answer your questions and put you in touch with a dealer that serves your area.

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