What Is the Best House Siding Material?

Apr 05, 2022

Two-story home with tan sidingFew home remodeling projects are as impactful as siding replacement. That’s because siding makes up most of your home’s exterior and provides several performance and design functions. Thinks about it: Siding should be able to protect your home from the elements and continue to look good no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. Of course, not all siding is made to the same standards, and some types of material are better than others in a few critical functions.

Why Industry Experts Tout Polymer Siding

While fiber cement, wood, brick, and synthetic stone are common house siding materials, the most popular is vinyl—for understandable reasons. It’s tough, it can be crafted in different appealing design profiles, and it’s very affordable. But polymer—a fairly new material on the market—has gained in popularity for the same reasons, and is proving to be even more versatile and cost effective. Engineered from a durable plastic called polypropylene resin, polymer siding offers:

  • Exceptional durability – Polymer siding will never warp, crack, chip, fade, or peel. It also has three times the impact resistance of vinyl siding.
  • Customization opportunities – Because polymer can be easily molded and shaped, polymer siding can be made to look like virtually any type of wood or stone. This allows you to achieve a natural aesthetic while enjoying the superior durability of an engineered siding product.
  • Low maintenance – When polymer siding is manufactured, its color is baked directly into the polymer. This eliminates the need for regular upkeep and ensures your siding will look freshly painted long into the future.

Where to Find Premium Polymer Siding

As a long-tenured siding manufacturer, Continental Manufacturing makes seamless polymer siding that offers extraordinary energy efficiency and a rich, rustic look that will never go out of style. This siding is engineered to easily withstand the harsh Midwest climate for decades of worry-free performance. Because we’re committed to delivering positive home improvement experiences, we only work with established contractors who are financially solid and have excellent reputations.

To learn more about our polymer siding, contact Continental Manufacturing today. We’ll be happy to refer you to a dealer near you.

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