Polymer Insulated Siding Offers Decades of Worry-Free Performance

Homeowners deserve to love where they live, and you can help them get one step closer to their dream homes with our Continental Polymer Wall System. This siding is sturdy and resilient enough to be a permanent siding solution for any home. Your customers can say goodbye to constant repairs and upkeep—this siding outlasts any other option on the market!

The Benefits of Our Continental Polymer Wall System

The Continental Polymer Wall System from Continental Manufacturing is the product your customers have been waiting for. This system provides a lifetime of worry-free performance. It is manufactured in longer lengths to eliminate unsightly seams and is also impact-resistant, watertight, and strong. In fact, it offers three times the impact resistance of vinyl siding! This wall system includes a layer of form-fitted insulation that covers a home in a blanket of protection, keeping the hot air out in the summer and the cold air in the winter. As a result, the home will maintain a comfortable interior temperature without a heavy reliance on the HVAC system, saving your customers money on a monthly basis.

And while our polymer insulated siding is a standout on its own, what makes the Continental Polymer Wall System a truly permanent solution are our attaching systems. These systems are so uniquely different from anything else on the market that they are patented by the United States government. Since we are the manufacturer, distributor, and creator, our Certified Installation Professionals have peace of mind that we are constantly innovating and maintaining the highest quality in our products. Our signature attaching systems are:

Patented Perma-Strate®

This attaching system allows for perfect installation on uneven walls. It features a roll-form steel bar that locks into the back of the siding, eliminating the need for a nailing hem. The steel bar can be screwed right into the wall and provides exceptional support for the siding, allowing it to expand and contract as needed. With this attaching system added to our polymer insulated siding, the cladding will resist buckling, warping, and sagging and ensure your customers’ homes have beautiful straight walls for a lifetime.

Patented Shure-Strate®

Just like Perma-Strate®, this attaching system features strips with attaching guides perfectly spaced so that there is no improper installation. It can be used over stucco, brick, and uneven or even walls. However, since the installation must follow the natural contours of the wall, this system is best for homes with even walls.

Our Continental Polymer Wall System is also completely customizable. Your customers will be able to choose the color, size, panel thickness, and more for siding that meets the needs of their homes perfectly.

Helping You Take Pride in Your Work

At Continental Manufacturing, our mission is to help you love what you do. By providing you with top-caliber materials you and your customers can be completely confident in, we can help you take pride in your work now and gain peace of mind about your future. We can offer you a slew of benefits you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, such as:

  • Unique products – Our patented siding products are one of a kind, ensuring you can have a steady presence in your market with materials your competitors don’t offer.
  • Greater quality control – Based in the central United States, you’ll have a much easier time meeting face-to-face with us at our factory than traveling to Canada or overseas to see another manufacturer.
  • Skin in the game – Unlike other manufacturers, we have decades of actual siding installation experience to our name. This gives us a greater understanding of the problems you face—and it means we have the skill and creativity needed to solve them.
  • Competitive pricing – Because you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, we can help you and your customers save money on world-class products by cutting out the middleman.

Become a Certified Installation Professional

If you’re interested in learning more about our Continental Polymer Wall System and how to join our network of certified installation professionals, contact Continental Manufacturing today. We are a leading polymer siding manufacturer serving homeowners throughout the Midwest and will be happy to answer any questions you have about our siding products.

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