Why Homeowners Prefer Custom Polymer Siding

When the time comes to replace the siding on a home, you and your customers would be wise to not settle for anything less than the best products. And the best is polymer siding from Continental Manufacturing. With our custom polymer siding installed, your customers’ homes will be the most beautiful on their blocks. It is seamless with a rich, rustic look that will never go out of style. Plus, polymer siding offers unparalleled performance and durability.

Polymer Siding Offers the Best Defense Against the Elements

Our siding is engineered to easily withstand the harsh Midwest climate and provide decades of worry-free performance, all while providing a gorgeous, seamless look that will make any home the standout in its neighborhood. Some of the benefits of our polymer siding include:

  • Strength – Our siding won’t detach during high winds or dent when large hail hits it. It has three times the impact resistance of vinyl siding.
  • Energy efficiency – We add form-fitted insulation to the back of our siding to give an extra layer of protection from the elements. Plus, this insulation provides additional impact resistance.
  • A custom look – Our polymer siding is completely customizable. Your customers can choose any color they wish and can also select specialty sizes and panel thickness, among other considerations. They’ll also be able to add a special finishing touch with our siding accessories, which include many styles of soffits, corner trim, and more.

Shure-Strate® & Perma- Strate® Attaching Systems

To ensure our custom polymer siding is a truly permanent solution, we developed our exclusive patented attaching systems. Perma-Strate® is best for homes with uneven walls while Shure-Strate® works well for homes with even walls. With one of these attaching systems installed behind our siding, your customers can count on durability that lasts a lifetime. These attaching systems provide space for the siding to expand and contract as the seasons change. With other siding systems, this expansion and contraction process makes them prone to warping or buckling, but that’s not the case with our Continental Polymer Wall System. It’s truly a win/win solution for any home!

Siding You Can Be Proud Of

When you know you’re installing better quality house siding than your competitors, you’ll be able to take great pride in your work and establish a long-lasting presence in your market. And what’s better than premium polymer siding manufactured by a company that also has decades of experience on the installation side? As a Certified Installation Professional with Continental Manufacturing, you can have the utmost confidence in your work and give your customers the utmost peace of mind with their decision to hire you.

With Continental Manufacturing as your partner, you can expect:

  • Patented, unique products unlike anything offered by your competitors
  • Great prices on our products without a middleman to raise them for you and your customers
  • Creative solutions to any problems that may arise, thanks to our substantial experience in the field
  • American-made products and the ability to meet with us at our factory for quality control
  • A partner with a finger on the pulse of the market and innovative ideas to guide us forward
  • Your customers to take great pride in their homes after you’ve installed our world-class polymer siding on their homes

Get Started Today

If you believe the current slate of house siding products that you’re offering has room for improvement, contact Continental Manufacturing today to learn more about our seamless polymer siding. We’ll be glad to answer your questions about becoming a Certified Installation Professional!

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