PVC Siding Is the Supreme Choice for Your Customers’ Homes

Many homeowners covet the look of wood siding, and here at Continental Manufacturing, we can’t blame them. Wood siding is gorgeous and has an aesthetic that never goes out of style. However, wood siding is also high maintenance—it needs to be re-stained constantly and cleaned regularly. It also attracts termites and can easily rot.

But there is a great alternative that homeowners may not be aware of but would love to know about. PVC siding from Continental Manufacturing offers the aesthetic of wood siding without any of its maintenance requirements. Our PVC siding is low maintenance, highly durable, and energy efficient to boot. And because we manufacture it to meet our high standards for product quality and longevity, your customers will take great pride in their homes for decades to come—if not an entire lifetime.

How Our PVC Siding Benefits Your Customers

Continental Manufacturing’s PVC siding will beautifully elevate any home’s appearance and offer the low-maintenance advantages homeowners crave. Just take a look at its many benefits:

  • It is exceptionally strong, standing up to wind-blown debris and harsh weather without issue.
  • It is energy efficient, featuring a layer of form-fitted insulation that provides a barrier against the elements.
  • It is low maintenance and will only need a simple rinse with a garden hose from time to time.
  • The color of the siding won’t fade even after years of exposure to UV rays, remaining vibrant for decades.

Why Partner With Continental Manufacturing?

Other manufacturers may know how to design attractive house siding, but how many of them really know how to work with it? That’s not something you’ll have to worry about when you partner with us as a Certified Installation Professional. Since 1982, Continental Manufacturing has been a leading siding supplier and installer for Midwest homeowners. Our company was built on the theory that high-quality siding should be a given, not an exception. We take our engineering process seriously, working hard to perfect our standards so that the siding we manufacture is the best of the best. To that end, we proudly back our PVC siding with an exclusive lifetime non-prorated transferable limited warranty—which we’ve been around long enough to honor. That’s peace of mind your customers deserve!

Furthermore, partnering with Continental Manufacturing can help your business maintain a strong presence in your market and take care of your family for generations because:

  • Our patented products are unique options your customers won’t find with your competitors.
  • We cut out the middleman, allowing you to buy top-caliber products and sell them to your customers for great prices.
  • Decades of siding installation experience help us better understand any problems you face and find creative, effective solutions for them.
  • Our commitments to staying on top of the latest marketing trends, creating innovative products and solutions, and having young leadership position us to be a helpful guide for you in the short- and long-term.

Get in Touch

To learn more about our PVC siding and how to become a Certified Installation Professional, contact Continental Manufacturing today. When you call us, we’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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