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Front entrance of a beautiful suburban homeSiding is designed to protect your home’s exterior and look good doing it. That’s why Continental Manufacturing puts a lot of time and money into developing hardy siding products in so many different design profiles. But when siding begins to deteriorate, either by cracking or warping, both the aesthetic and protective benefits of siding will diminish. In other words, the worse your house siding looks, the worse your house’s weather exposure. If your siding has begun showing signs of wear and you want to replace it soon to avoid potentially costly weather damage, consider a siding contractor that partners with Continental Manufacturing and serves homeowners in the Ankeny, Iowa, area.

Premium House Siding Options

Continental Manufacturing dealers combine best-in-class products with first-rate service.   Your local dealer can help you choose the siding that meets your needs for energy efficiency and weather protection, in the color and design profile that reflect your taste. Whichever aesthetic you prefer, you can trust that it will protect your home dependably through the seasons. Made of hard-wearing polymer, Continental siding replicates the rustic charm of wood without any of wood’s disadvantages, so it won’t rot, warp, or otherwise deteriorate due to moisture. It also offers three times the impact resistance of vinyl siding. What’s more, Continental polymer siding:

  • Provides outstanding energy efficiency thanks to a layer of form-fitted insulation that limits heat transfer into and out of the home and helps to stabilize indoor temperatures
  • Is a cinch to maintain, requiring only a washdown with a garden hose from time to time
  • Resists fading even after years of exposure to UV rays

For More Information

If you’re interested in partnering with one of the leading siding contractors in the Ankeny, IA, area, contact Continental Manufacturing today. We can put you in touch with one who will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our siding products.

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