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Your siding is one of the least-complicated components of your home. That doesn’t mean siding installation is easy. Many brave do-it-yourselfers have started replacing their siding only to discover there’s a lot more to it than just slapping siding panels onto the home, making sure there are no gaps, and then calling it a day. As with any exterior remodeling project, if you’re looking to boost both appearance and functionality, choose a product from a trusted manufacturer. Then, consult a professional siding company with proven experience installing siding for local homes. If you live in the Council Bluffs, Iowa, area, that means going with a siding contractor that installs siding made by Continental Manufacturing.

Weather-Resistant Polymer Siding

Polymer siding engineered by Continental features three times the impact resistance of vinyl siding and can easily withstand the harshest Midwest weather. That means our polymer siding won’t warp, crack, peel, or rot. And, with our patented attaching systems—Shure-Strate® for even walls, Perma-Strate® for uneven walls—your replacement siding will remain securely fastened to your home. Our polymer siding is also:

  • Highly energy efficient thanks to a layer of form-fitted insulation that minimizes heat transfer. This stabilizes indoor temperatures, which can result in lower energy bills.
  • Fade resistant. That means, even after years of UV exposure, the color of your polymer siding will still look vibrant.
  • Designed to withstand high-speed impacts from windblown debris. So, you’ll have a home that not only looks better but is also better protected.

Expert Siding Installations

To get exactly the look you envision for your home, you can choose your house siding color, style, and panel thickness and round out your project with siding accessories like soffits, corner trim, and more. Contact Continental Manufacturing today. We would be happy to refer you to a siding contractor we partner with in the Council Bluffs, IA, area. We also install replacement windows, including double-hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, and more.

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