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Siding Company Des Moines IADes Moines, Iowa, isn’t known for its balmy temperatures and pleasant ocean breezes. We’re in the heart of the Midwest, and that means the weather can vary from beautiful to brutal—sometimes in just one day! Homes in our region have to withstand a lot of extremes, from fluctuating temperatures to severe storms. Year after year of seasonal variations can take their toll on exterior siding, and when it degrades it can put your entire house at risk. But there are steps you can take today to prevent serious structural issues down the road. At Continental Manufacturing, we are a siding company that’s been fabricating top-of-the-line claddings for more than three decades. Our exterior sidings are engineered to withstand just about anything Mother Nature can throw at them, and look great doing it.

Designed for Beauty, Engineered for Performance

When you choose Continental Manufacturing, you can rest assured you’ll enjoy all the benefits that come with covering your home with the best available options. Our products include:

  • Polymer siding – This lightweight but durable siding is incredibly impact resistant, fade resistant, and available in a variety of styles.
  • Supreme PVC siding – Affordable, easy to maintain, and impervious to insects and rot, our premium vinyl siding will provide decades of protection for your home.
  • Sure-Strate® and Perma-Strate® attaching systems – Our patented attachment systems ensure our sidings are aligned perfectly, even if your outer walls are uneven.
  • Siding insulation – Our claddings are backed with a layer of high-performance insulation that not only provides exceptional thermal performance, but also improved impact resistance and pest control.
  • Siding accessories – From soffit to corner trim, our siding accessories provide the perfect finishing touches to give your home’s exterior the look of polished elegance that will make it the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Windows and doors – In addition to siding, we offer vinyl windows and a variety of entry doors to complete your home’s transformation.

If you’re ready to take your home in Des Moines, IA, to the next level by outfitting it with the exceptional products offered by Continental Manufacturing, reach out to us today. We’ll be happy to put you in touch with a Certified Installation Professional near you.

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