Partner With an Experienced Siding Contractor in the Johnston, IA, Area

Two-story home with sidingSome homeowners give little thought to their siding, and that’s understandable. Like a roof, siding is not an operable component of a home; it’s designed to stay firmly in place to properly protect the home’s exterior. But when siding begins to deteriorate, either by cracking, warping, or rotting, it can become an eyesore. That’s often when even the most carefree homeowner will start looking for a siding contractor. In the Johnston, Iowa, area, contractors who install Continental Manufacturing siding products are known for siding installation free of headaches and hassles. It’s a testament to their expertise and the high quality of Continental’s siding products.

High-Performance Home Siding

Without top-quality siding, no home can be considered well-protected. A Continental Manufacturing siding contractor can provide you with siding that acts as a shield from your home day after day, year after. Made of durable polymer, this siding mimics the rustic charm of wood without any of wood’s disadvantages. That means it won’t rot, warp, or otherwise deteriorate due to moisture or the elements. It also offers three times the impact resistance of vinyl siding. What’s more, Continental polymer siding:

  • Provides outstanding energy efficiency thanks to a layer of form-fitted insulation that limits heat transfer into and out of the home and helps to stabilize indoor temperatures
  • Is a cinch to maintain, requiring only a washdown with a garden hose from time to time
  • Resists fading even after years of exposure to UV rays

Expert Installations

To get exactly the look you envision for your home, you can choose your house siding color from several beautiful options. You can also go with a specialty size, specify the panel thickness you want, and round out your project with siding accessories like soffits, corner trim, and more.

Windows & Doors

We can also upgrade the windows and doors at your home. Our replacement windows come in a variety of styles, including double-hung, casement, picture, and more.

Contact Continental Manufacturing. We would be happy to refer you to a siding contractor we partner with in the Johnston, IA, area.

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